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tantric massage
& healing touch in Oslo


This is the right place for experiencing a sensual full body healing massage. We are welcoming all - women, men, couples, pairs, any sexual orientations and lifestyles. 



Tantric Massage types



tantric massage for women

Tantra massage is a great act of love that you can offer to yourself. Only women are gifted an organ whose sole purpose is pleasure. Next time you wonder if it’s ok to feel as much pleasure as you can handle, remember that you were designed to do so. Your right to experience bliss has been built into your biology!


tantric massage for men

Tantra massage meets you on many different levels. Sexually, emotionally, spiritually. It heals and frees you. It opens you in a healthy way to enjoy life and love making, to have a greater experience of orgasm.


tantric massage for couples

Through the tantra massage you’ll learn how to reach into The Ocean of untapped erotic energy that lies within you and your partner. Feel this magnetic energy flow like never before.



Private Therapy


Here, at The Ocean, we are ready to assist you access the immense creativity and possibilities rooted inside yourself.



About 'the ocean' Oslo


Imagine that the ocean would be pure pleasure. Imagine the water running through your veins, your cells, deep into your being. Imagine the potential of such a nature force. Imagine the power inside yourself. This is tantra. It acknowledges the full force of sexual nature inside of you and channels it into a powerful energy ready to blow into ecstasy. 



tantric massage

healing from within 


Tantra massage is the powerful tool that will help you to holistically experience the ecstatic bliss of yours, without shame, without limitation. 



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